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English schools and universities

Northern Cyprus is one of the largest center of schools and universities education in the Mediterranean. Here there is a unique opportunity to give children a quality European education at affordable prices. By the way, it is completely in English, and most teachers are native speakers.

Residence permit

To obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus, it's enough just to buy a property and the value of the object does not matter! This document gives an opportunity to live in Northern Cyprus without any restrictions

The period for registration of residence permit with the Status Estate is 21 days.



Free inspection Trip


Affordable prices


High Return on your investment (ROI)


Credits and payment planes without interest and guarantors


Residence Permit in 21 day


Low criminal rate


High level English education


Annual property tax just 0.3 euros for square meter


No one will ask the origin of your money


340 days of sun

Why Status Estate?

We build our own real estate properties

Best after-sales service and assistance in social adaptation

With us there is a possibility of buying an object in installments up to 4 years

An international team of experts with more than 7 years of experience

Professional legal support of the transaction

Status estate rental department will help you to generate return your investments


More objects


More objects

North Cyprus Property

If you are looking for a nook in Europe suitable for comfortable living, or choosing ways to profitably invest your own money, we offer to purchase North Cyprus property. Compared to villas and cottages located in neighboring countries, it is pleasantly striking in its affordable price. You are expected:

  • variety of architectural forms;
  • modern layout;
  • stylish interior design of the home;
  • the ability to select the landscape;
  • an increased level of comfort that fully meets European standards.


If you choose Northern Cyprus, real estate is considered promising in terms of purchase. If you decide in the future to change your place of residence, you can quickly resell the Cypriot house to your advantage. Such objects are attractive in the market, and are in high demand among buyers who appreciate peace, quiet and comfort.

If you wish, a villa in Cyprus can become one of the sources of your regular income. If you plan to travel here irregularly, the remaining time such housing can be rented on favorable terms to guests of the island or friends who decide to relax on the sea coast, where there is a surprisingly mild climate.

How to buy property in North Cyprus: basic recommendations

We offer a convenient, simple and transparent scheme for the acquisition of Cyprus housing. For this you need:

  1. Choose one of the options presented in our catalog, according to photos, description, usable area or price category.
  2. Contact one of our employees by contact phone or e-mail, letting us know your wishes.

All other efforts, from professional selection of suitable options and ending with legal support of the sale, our team will take over!

What determines the cost of housing?

If you choose the location of the future habitat of Northern Cyprus apartments and a modest studio apartment here will vary in price. The cost of the object is influenced by the following factors:

  • Class (primary, secondary sentences).
  • Type of property (apartment in a high-rise residential complex, cottage, etc.).
  • Location (city, region, street, distance from the coastline, etc.).
  • Number of levels (floors).
  • Total and usable area.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Availability of additional structures and buildings (garage, swimming pool, etc.).

We offer prices from the developer, without overpayments and hidden surcharges. The system of benefits and discounts, so that the buyer can save a substantial amount on the purchase.

The benefits of working with us

If you are interested in North Cyprus real estate prices, you can familiarize yourself with them on our website, or specify individually the approximate value of specific objects from our manager. We guarantee:

  • flexible approach to each client;
  • quick search and selection of optimal options;
  • prompt provision of reliable information about each object;
  • acceptable prices;
  • assistance in processing the transaction;
  • privacy protection.

In addition to this, we will help you to adapt after the move and resolve emerging issues.