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22nd Türksoy Opera Festival

On September 25th you can enjoy the vocals of opera singers.

The festival has been held since 1994 in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey. This event is held annually at Bellapais Abbey. This year the festival begins on September 25th, at 20:30, admission is free.

On stage there will be: a representative of the TRNC, opera singer Erek Kizilӧrs, as well as: Kazakhstani soprano Aughul Niyazova, tenor Nurjan Bajekenov, tenor from Kyrgyzstan Tilek Naymanbayev, baritone Faik Mansuroglu from Turkey, bass Artur Kaipkulov from Bashkortostatan, Russian Federation) , mezzo soprano Ekaterina Koryakina from Sakha-Yakutia (RF), soprano Emine Dzhevdetova from the Russian Federation and tenor Gjorgji Cuckovski from Northern Macedonia, and 9 soloists from observer countries.

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