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We are glad to welcome you on our web site. Status Estate Company is your opportunity to purchase real estate and settle in one of the coziest places on the planet. You can also become an investor and get a steady income. Northern Cyprus is an incredible area called heaven on earth. Locals are happy with the environment. Here you could see colorful/natural areas and pure ecology. Apartments in North Cyprus are in demand for several reasons:

Climate, favorable for life

No crime (Criminal Rate Approximately equals to 0%)

Acceptable value costs

If Buying a property in North Cyprus – is your dream, we are ready to fulfill it. Today, buildings on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are being actively pursued. Both apartment residential complexes and private houses with a unique design are being built. Every day interest in such proposals increases. But you have time to purchase the property that you Desire . All you have to do is have a look through the catalog, make the choice and contact our employee for further consultation.

Property in north cyprus: current

Buy a house in North Cyprus – A great solution if you prefer unity with nature or noisy city rush lifestyle . On sale you can find housing for both independent and for family life. Looking for feasible Property in North Cyprus? It’s worth paying attention to such Options :

Villa – a kind of private construction, distinguished by a special comfort. Quiet area, friendly neighbors, spacious rooms located on several floors, a swimming pool - there is everything you need for a happy life. The sea is within walking distance - a good reason to buy a villa in Cyprus.

APARTMENT COMPLEX – apartments located in mini-towns, often by the sea. These complexes are especially popular due to their liquidity, accessibility and proximity to the beach.

Studio apartment – Awesome choice. The buyer will appreciate the moderate cost, the view from the window and the special comfort of the housing complex. For those who have planned to buy property, Northern Cyprus is suitable for the presence of diverse buildings. objects are offered to your attention that are ready to move in. They are newly repaired, there are modern household appliances. Also available for purchase Resail properties in North Cyprus. This is a property that can be arranged according to your preferences. The main advantage of secondary objects is that they are sold cheaper than primary ones


Buying properties in North Cyprus for lower than the market prices – This is a reality thanks to our team. For our customers, we find the latest offers. Each object has a set of important criteria:

Modern construction

Perfect conditions for living

Convenient infrastructure

Our team will help you find a place to buy, rent or invest funds wisely . North Cyprus property – prices from the developer, but we are ready to meet the buyer and offer a discount. We should be chosen for cooperation, since we offer an honest pricing policy, real information about objects, Inovative presentation of information. We guarantee an individual approach to your needs and consideration of all the legal subtleties! We look forward to collaborating!


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