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Sale of property in Northern Cyprus


Today, the real estate market of Northern Cyprus is as attractive as possible for investors in construction and for potential buyers. The cost of villas and apartments here is quite low compared with Europe, and the level of service and quality of life are consistent with the highest demands of customers.

Apartments in North Cyprus can be purchased with minimal effort and time, our company will prepare all the necessary documentation and you will only have to sign the contract of sale.

Why precisely northern Cyprus? Back in the mid-70s, the island was divided into two states – Southern and Northern Cyprus. At the beginning of this century, Southern Cyprus joined the European Community, after which rumors began to emerge about the reunification of the two parts of the island.

Northern Cyprus is an ideal climate and more than affordable prices for real estate, the demand for which is growing every year. Today, buying an apartment in northern Cyprus means making a profitable investment: it is quite possible that you will soon become a full-fledged EU citizen with all the advantages that this entails.

Please note: if, since the separation of Cyprus in 1974, buying a villa in northern Cyprus was not a very popular decision (only a few hundred apartments were sold per year), then, since 2001, the number of people wishing to become owners of their own housing has increased significantly.

The real estate market here is relatively young, but experts predict spasmodic growth: the sale of real estate in northern Cyprus is already catching up in its performance with the sale of apartments and villas in southern Cyprus. You can become one of the lucky ones today by making a profitable purchase with the help of our company.

Why buy property in Cyprus is profitable

The island of Cyprus is not for nothing called one of the few places on Earth that look like a real paradise. This colorful land is a real “pearl” of the Mediterranean: this summer lasts almost a whole year, the number of sunny days ranges from 320 to 340. The maximum that “threatens” you in the winter in Cyprus is a short rain!
Sale of apartments in northern Cyprus from our company is an opportunity to get all the benefits of living in the heart of Europe.

You get:

  • the most pleasant climate (more than 320 sunny days a year);
  • the possibility of visa-free entry;
  • the possibility of prompt receipt of a residence permit within 2-3 weeks;
  • affordable cost of the most popular apartments;
  • total absence of crime (Cyprus is considered the state with the minimum number of crimes in Europe);
  • transparency of legislation;
  • lack of corruption at the state level;
  • perfect ecology.

Cyprus is a good and reasonable investment: you can rent out your apartment or villa if necessary, thus receiving additional dividends. During the holidays, you will no longer need to look for vacancies in hotels, because you have your own apartment.

Northern Cyprus (apartments and apartments) is an ideal place to stay after retirement. Mild unique Mediterranean climate is shown to older people. Northern Cyprus – real estate, the prices of which are constantly growing and which is in steady and growing demand.

We will help you become the owner of the apartment or apartment in the shortest possible time. In addition, the rental property in northern Cyprus from our company can be useful to those who have not yet decided on a purchase or wish to familiarize themselves with the situation on the spot.