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TRNC introduced its domestic car GÜNSEL B9

This car is a domestic and national vehicle of TRNC, and the prototype was developed by Turkish engineers.

The first Gunsel B9 is 100 percent electric. A car can travel 350 kilometers without recharging. The engine of the car is 140 kW. The speed of the Gunsel B9, which can reach 100 km per hour in 8 seconds, is electronically limited to 170 km per hour. The battery can be charged in just 20 minutes with high-speed charging. With standard charging, it takes seven hours.

During the development process, agreements were signed with more than 800 suppliers from 28 countries for the production of Guinsel B9, where more than 100 engineers 1.2 million hours of working time for the design and development of the car.

GÜNSEL was developed and created by engineers from a combination of more than 10 thousand products. When developing a car, reliable, efficient and advanced technologies were used. Mass production will begin in 2021.

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