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Necat British College

«At NBC we acknowledge that each child is unique with different needs and talents. It is the role of the teacher to identify these individual strengths and to inspire each student to reach their true potential. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who have a passion for learning and support all students as they develop their self confidence and realize their dreams. Happiness is the key to success and at NBC we make learning an enjoyable journey in a family friendly, safe and secure atmosphere.

Our fundamental aim is to meet the individual needs of all pupils across the full ability range by delivering a differentiated and supported curriculum. We have high expectations and encourage active learning through a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to help our pupils to achieve their full potential in all areas of education which will aid them in the development of their learning throughout their lives.

At NBC we help our pupils to develop qualities of character and personality in order to help them take their place as active citizens in a multicultural, democratic society.

NBC creates an environment that is conductive to learning where pupils feel free to adopt a positive attitude towards their education and where all forms of success and achievement are recognised and celebrated.»

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