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Residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship

One of the indisputable advantages for property buyers in Northern Cyprus is the right to obtain a residence permit and stay in Cyprus for a year without having to leave.

In fact, even you buy the cheapest property you have the right to get a residence permit for you and your family. Though the size of apartment should fit all the requested family members.

The list of documents required for filing a residence permit:

  • Passport and passport copy (data page and stamp of arrival in Northern Cyprus).
  • A registered real estate contract and its copy.
  • Registered rental agreement for those whose property is still under construction.
  • Certificate of registration (obtained with a contract in the district administration and costs from 5 to 20 Turkish liras).
  • Account statement at a local bank (must be a sum of 10,000 euros for each adult).
  • Stamps for 30 Turkish liras.
  • 2 photos 3x4
  • Payment for a blood test paid at a local bank (220TL).

After filing all the above documents, the police will give you a referral to a state hospital for a blood test (a test for serious diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc.).
The test results will be ready in 7-8 business days, after which the last step remains.

It is necessary to take the test results and go to the visa application center in Lefkosha for filing. They will be checked and asked to pay a fee of about 470 Turkish liras per year.

Consideration of documents from the time of filing until the issuance of a residence permit takes from 10 to 21 days depending on the workload of the visa center.

As a rule, newcomers are given a first residence permit for 6 months, in order to check the state of the account and financial activity on the insurance company after half a year (they may be asked to show expenses on insurance companies, activity in local and foreign accounts).

It is also desirable to have a certificate of income abroad, if it is available, it will be easier to explain to the local police that a person is going to live here lawfully, without committing any illegal actions.

Extending a residence permit is quite simple, you just need to come to the visa application center in Lefkosha, show a certificate from the bank or activity for half a year (if you have asked about extending before opening a residence permit).

Permanent residence and citizenship in Northern Cyprus have a huge amount of disagreement and controversy over the past 10 years. All that lawyers say at the moment on this issue is that you have the right to submit an application to the Council of Ministers with a request to issue permanent residence, received a residence permit for 5 years, or having 5 working visas.

There are cases when people immediately receive citizenship of Northern Cyprus. Of course, there are also various options affecting the decision of the local state about your application. Having a business in Northern Cyprus or an investment for a large amount of money will undoubtedly help speed up the legalization process.

Status Estate is ready to assist each of our clients in legalization issues inNorthern Cyprus by attracting the best lawyers, consultants and accountants to file your application.

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